Are you bored of recording numbers in excel table or in your notebook?

MoneyM spares your time, money and motivates you to manage your money. It is very simple and intuitive.Where does all your small investments go to? It is not obvious, but when you count all the small investments made by you every month, you can end up with an alarming number, which you had no idea of.

Main functions and advantages of the MoneyM
application and the manager of money in one

TOUCH ID access for the maintenance of your private data

Calendar with different possibilities

Intuitiveness and simplicity

Adding expenditures in one click

Current status indicator of money always accessible

Categories of expenditures

No unnecessary extra steps

Division of accounts on private and company

Yes, these are the small expenditures up to 30 EUR

which today we take for granted to even stop and think about these numbers. However, at the end of month, these small numbers create a high percentage of unexpected expenditures since we did not consider it important to record them at all.

Have your finance under control!

Manage all your expenditure, whether it´s a mortgage, purchase in a store or a gift
for family member. Have your finance under control!